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2010-04-05 13:09:25 by dudeofdudeland

Check my pictures! pl0x! I wan't them to be scouted ^^


2010-01-17 15:01:18 by dudeofdudeland

Im bored... -.-


2010-01-11 10:43:13 by dudeofdudeland

Hi guys! I just came home from school (16.36) and feel very sick! I have head ache and I am very ill!


2010-01-02 18:15:52 by dudeofdudeland

Hey! take a look on my pics! plzz! and review what you think!!!


2009-12-16 15:05:07 by dudeofdudeland

I have nothing to do! >:( one hour left and I can't figure out what I wanna do! ideas? anyone??


2008-09-11 12:22:15 by dudeofdudeland

everybody i havn't done any games couse i don't have any animation thing and im from sweden and i like pizza and pancakes i go in 6'th grade.